Custom Orthotics Cost: Are They Worth It?

Custom orthotics are expensive, and most health insurance policies do not always cover them, so make sure you actually need them before forking over the $200 to $800. If you do, learn how to get the best bang for your buck. 

According to vibehealth, “The cost of custom orthotics typically ranges between $300 and $600”.


How Much Do Custom Orthotics Cost?

Custom foot orthotics will cost anywhere from $200 to $800, but there are other expenses to consider. This covers both the cost of the office visits needed to fabricate your personalized orthotics and the cost of replacing the top surfaces as they wear out. Resurfacing will cost anything between $50 and $100. 


How Long Do Custom Orthotics Typically Last?

Custom-made orthotics will typically last between two to five years, depending on the materials used in their production, the activities or sports you engage in, your weight, and how well you maintain your orthotics.

The EVA foam (which is made from a plastic material) is used in the insoles can wear out after a long period of use, necessitating the purchase of a new pair of orthotic inserts. These expenses add up over the course of a lifetime.


Are Custom Orthotics Worth the Money?

It’s important to weigh factors like advantages and drawbacks, durability, and off-the-shelf alternatives when deciding if custom orthotic shoe inserts are worth the cost. 


Quality custom insoles are made to ensure that the bones of the ankles, feet, and knees remain in the right alignment. The resistance of the products used in orthotics, as well as the height and angle of the different surfaces, help to do this. Inserts are said to have the following advantages: 

  • If you participate in sports or are overweight, accommodative custom orthotics can be beneficial for you.
    When it comes to a favorite sport, a foot orthotic will help you improve your stamina, strength, and results. They can also help to alleviate the stress that additional weight can put on your body
    . Your feet as well as your leg ligaments will thank you!
  • Supporting overstretched connective tissues will further minimize muscle exhaustion.
    Stretching the tissue will usually result in foot instability, leading to over-pronation and collapsed arches. 
  • A pair of Custom prescription orthotics are also said to assist with the discomfort associated with a host of conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes, and persistent foot pain. Custom-foot orthotics not only relieve pain but also improve mobility. 


The most significant stumbling block for those considering custom-made orthotics is the cost.

Such drawbacks include: 

  • Some doctors believe that wearing an insole for a long period of time will pose more complications than it solves. Any type of orthotic can cause problems due to the strains they cause, which doctors claim can potentially weaken your ankle, knee, or feet. 
  • Your feet can improve when you get older, and your inserts will likely need to be changed from time to time. If you’re going to be wearing custom inserts for a long time, have your podiatrist check out your ankles, feet, and knee balance on a regular basis.
  • It will take up to two weeks or longer to collect your pair of professional custom orthotics. This will cause a delay in providing support to someone who is most likely in pain or distress.

  • Unfortunately, even after spending so much time and money on personalized orthotics, there’s still the possibility that they won’t have the relief or help you need.

So what goes into the total cost of Prescription Orthotics?

Examination – Keep in mind that the podiatrist is examining the lower extremities, lifestyle, and gait. 

X-rays, a treadmill gait examination (gait analysis), and other measurements can be used in the evaluation as well.

Casting – A podiatrist will likely make a non-weight-bearing cast of the feet (plaster casting).

Mark-ups- Remember, this is a business and behind all the work that is done by the Doctor needs to be accounted for. 


Step Forward Custom Orthotics 

Step Forward USA manufactures state-of-the-art proprioceptive insoles which are distributed to many countries across the globe.

For foot problems, our orthotics offer relief as well as helping with problems related to misalignment of the feet, including posture (ankles, hips, knees, neck, and back).  Some common foot problems they can help with are Bunions, Plantar Fasciitis, Hammertoes, and many more.

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