Foot & Posture Problems

Heel Pain

Caused by chronic inflammation of the plantar fascia, (the ligament between heel and forefoot), or a bony spur develops because of excessive heel rotation, heel pounding, or tight stretched plantar muscles.


Calluses and corns

Misalignment of bones can cause irritation or friction.  Dead skin cells pile up, creating corns and calluses.



Painful when the bursa sac becomes inflamed due to irritation caused by spreading of the forefoot, pronation, supination or imbalance of the foot.


Plantar Neuroma

A nerve growth which often accompanies metatarsalgia – the nerve is pinched between the metatarsal heads and bruised.  Symptoms: A burning numbness, or electric shock sensation in the ball of the foot, caused by tight shoes, repeated impact, or a dropped arch.



Caused by muscle imbalance where the end joints of one or more smaller toes bend down, while the closer joints bend up.  Another cause may be Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome.


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