Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the orthotic feel like a golf ball?

This is because the tendons underneath the feet are not accustomed to the support. It is very important to carefully follow the break-in suggestions set-out in our owner’s manual, so as not to strain the tendons unnecessarily.

How long does it take to get used to these?

Total comfort may take as long as a month or more for some, but for others it could be a lot quicker. On average 3 weeks. The key is to start slowly and to be consistent with the break-in instructions set-out in the owner’s manual. You wouldn’t gym with the heaviest weights on the first day. The same applies to the feet – change takes time.

When can I start using them for sport?

When once you can wear the orthotics all day, without any discomfort, nor need to take them out, start slowly breaking in to higher level activities. For example, runners would start with 1 or 2 km at a time, increasing the distance gradually. Too much, too quickly could mean blisters.

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