Dr Odette Reader, Chiropractor, Salisbury SA, Australia

I am even more impressed with the Step Forward orthotics because I have had knee surgery, some 35 years ago, and then hurt my knee in the snow in Canada last Xmas. I had constant ‘bone pain’ knee pain with a severe limp for 6 months even with chiropractic management (my chiropractor is a trained and qualified sports chiropractor). Nevertheless the knee pain was so intense of a non-stop nagging pain that both my chiropractor and myself were looking at possible surgical intervention. It was at the Congress in June 2005 that I put in the orthotics (in my normal pair Spanish leather fitted shoes) and within minutes the knee pain stopped for the first time in 6 months. Maybe now you can see how pleased and convinced I am about the orthotics and the management of knee pain!
I have worn podiatric orthotics supplied by a variety of podiatrists in Canada and Australia for almost 40 years. They were prescribed for me due to muscle cramping when I was competitive swimming and weight lifting. I have found that I would de-compensate after some months of wear and developed persistent low back pain and headaches. I would need to take them out until the foot pain (plantar fasciitis) or back pain (scoliosis) became worse and then a new pair of orthotics would relieve this pain for months. This cycle has continued for all these years. My brother-in-law is a podiatrist! I still like your products better!! User friendly, practical and functional (no gross matronly shoes!).

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